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Joany Badenhorst's Pro-Flex LP Align Story

For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED shoes. Which girl doesn’t? But after I lost my leg at the age of 12, I struggled to find shoes that would fit my prosthetic foot and walk comfortably. Don’t even get me started on my love/hate relationship with high heels!



That’s why I was ecstatic to hear that Össur is finally launching their new Pro-Flex LP Align foot, allowing me to adjust the foot for high heels. For the first time since becoming an amputee, I am able to wear a heel up to 7cm high without compromising function and comfort - let’s just say it’s been one epic adventure!

I have a dodgy knee which means that prosthetic feet options have to be carefully considered to prevent my knee joint from getting aggravated. This meant I always had to be careful choosing shoes to wear so that I didn’t feel unbalanced or irritate my ligaments and joints

With the smooth ankle movement and natural walking pattern that the Pro-Flex LP Align helps create, I’ve been able to wear the foot all day without any discomfort or pain, changing my shoes for various activities without any issues. I love it!