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Össur Touch Solutions in Australia and New Zealand

On 11 April 2016, Touch Bionics officially joined the Össur group and expanded Össur’s ability to support a Life Without Limitations for upper extremity amputees. Össur Australia is pleased to announce that we will commence direct sales and support of Touch Solutions in Australia and New Zealand from 1 October 2018.

OPC Health has been Touch Bionics’ long-term partner, representing the brand and the product range successfully for more than a decade across Australia and New Zealand. OPC Health has successfully cemented Touch Bionics as the leader in upper extremity technologies in Australia, very capably supported by Paul Coleman.

Össur Australia would like to express sincere thanks to OPC Health for their committed partnership and support of Touch Bionics to all customers in the region.

OPC Health will continue to be responsible for all Touch Bionics sales and support activities through to 30th September 2018.