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We’ve partnered with Motivation Australia

Össur Australia is excited to announce that we have partnered with Motivation Australia, an Australian organisation working to improve lives of people in the Pacific region, particularly in the area of Prosthetics and Orthotics. Motivation Australia offers enormously valuable assistance in the way of funding and improved services to those most in need by:

  • Training and mentoring local in-country personnel to help them offer improved services to their local communities;
  • Supporting local services to deliver into their communities;
  • Advocating for improved rehabilitation and assistive devices; and,
  • Fundraising where possible to continually improve the output of the local services.

Össur Australia aims to assist Motivation Australia with volunteer support to improve Prosthetic and Orthotic service provision in the Pacific region and on-going donations to help towards Motivation Australia’s mission. Motivation Australia is committed to developing and working in partnerships that are equitable and founded on shared principles of trust and mutual accountability where the risks and benefits are shared.

Learn more about Motivation Australia.