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Össur launches new i-Limb® Wrist, The first-ever wrist rotator to perform simultaneous rotation upon grip selection

Innovative Integrated Hand and Wrist Prosthesis Simplifies, Streamlines Traditional Wrist Movement Process

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, September 25, 2019 -- Össur, the global medical technology leader renowned for its advanced prosthetic and orthopaedic innovations, announced today that it is introducing the new i-Limb® Wrist, the company’s first powered wrist rotator for people with upper-limb loss or limb difference.

i-Limb Wrist is the world’s first-ever wrist rotator capable of performing Simultaneous Rotation upon grip selection. With two digital electrodes and an embedded encoder capable of detecting specific muscle actions within the user’s residual limb, i-Limb Wrist has been designed to perform complete rotation quickly, naturally, and efficiently.

“The new i-Limb Wrist was designed to create a simpler, more reliable and intuitive process by streamlining the multiple, time-consuming steps users traditionally had to take,” said Hugh Gill, BSc (Hons), HonFIES, and Vice President of R&D for Upper Limb Prosthetics at Össur. Gill was recently honored by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (AAOP) for his unmatched contributions to the O&P profession, including development of the i-Limb®, the world’s first bionic multi-articulating prosthetic hand, as well as the new i-Limb Wrist.

Capable of Performing Smart, Simultaneous and Various Direct Rotational Control Methods

i-Limb Wrist is compatible with all Össur i-Limb® myoelectric prosthetic hands. When used with Össur’s flagship i-Limb® Quantum, the world’s only upper limb prosthesis that can change grips with just a simple gesture, i-Limb Wrist performs Simultaneous Rotation, automatically rotating the wrist to the optimal position for the grip selected by the user.

According to Gill, 80% of users who participated in clinical testing considered Simultaneous Rotation to be beneficial. They also wanted to maintain traditional wrist rotator control methods. As a result, the new i-Limb Wrist was designed to offer three different methods of rotational control based on user preference: Smart, High/Low, and Co-Contraction.


“We are very pleased to be introducing the smart, powered, intuitive i-Limb Wrist as the latest addition to our family of Touch Solutions,” said Jon Sigurdsson, President and CEO of Össur. “At Össur, we are continually driven to pioneer new innovations like i-Limb Wrist as part of our mission to help even more people live a life without limitations.”


i-Limb Wrist is programmed through Össur’s proprietary iPad Biosim app, which is used to identify and calibrate a user’s minute muscular movements during their i-Limb fitting process, and to set speed controls. Outside of their clinician’s office, users also can deploy the My i-Limb app via their iOS smartphone anytime they wish to access quick grips.

Össur is launching the i-Limb Wrist during the 2019 AOPA National Assembly, where it will be featured at Ossur’s booth, #935 throughout the conference, which is scheduled for September 25-28 in San Diego, Calif. Following the Assembly, i-Limb Wrist will be available worldwide and qualifies for standard insurance reimbursement in most major geographies.

Additional information about i-Limb Wrist is available at A video demonstration of the new i-Limb Wrist is also available here:

About Össur

Össur (NASDAQ OMX: OSSR) is a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics that help people live a life without limitations. Its business is focused on improving people’s mobility through the delivery of innovative technologies within the fields of Prosthetics and Bracing & Supports. A recognized “Technology Pioneer,” Össur invests significantly in research and product development—its award-winning designs ensuring a consistently strong position in the market. Successful patient and clinical outcomes are further empowered via Össur’s educational programs and business solutions. Headquartered in Iceland, Össur has major operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, with additional distributors worldwide.