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Prosthetic Webinars

Throughout the year, Össur Academy hosts live online webinars, covering a range of topics. Please go to our Academy Online Trainings page for full details and registration information about upcoming webinars. We will continually update with new session details as they become available.

Prior to each webinar, we will upload all files and videos for you to download in preparation. Following each session, the presentation and recording of the webinar will be available to download and view in your own time.

March 2018 Webinar: NEW removable Seal-In® rings featuring an easy-glide coating for Seal-In® X

Presented by Sarah Mulroy, CPO, this webinar focuses on the introduction of 3 NEW Seal-In ring options compatible with Seal-In X (TT and TF). The X-Grip, X-Volume and X-Classic feature an easy glide coating, designed to be used without donning spray, and provide the clinician with a choice of seal options depending on the user's activity level and individual needs. Prescription considerations and casting techniques is covered in conjunction with an overview of recent additions to the Pro-Flex Family – Pro-Flex XC Torsion and Pro-Flex LP Torsion.

Download the presentation that was shared during the webinar

Download the videos that were shared during the webinar.

December 2017 Webinar: Optimising Outcomes: Subischial Socket design with Unity, Pro-Flex® Family, updated RHEO KNEE® XC Features, and Mechanical Knee considerations.

In Part 1, Sarah Mulroy (CPO) discusses the Nu-FLexSIV subischial socket design and Unity Elevated Vacuum, with prescription considerations, client selection, casting and modification techniques. Renowned Physiotherapist Cathy Howells discusses training methodologies in conjunction with the subischial socket method. New additions to the Pro-Flex family range of products are also covered.

Download the presentation that was shared during the webinar.

December 2017 Webinar: Advancing Clinical Outcomes with RHEO KNEE® and RHEO KNEE® XC

In Part 2, Sarah Mulroy focuses on updated features of the RHEO KNEE and RHEO KNEE XC. Cathy Howells discusses training considerations for the RHEO KNEE and RHEO KNEE XC, including the new enhanced stability settings, and mechanical knees, including the PASO Knee, helping to optimise mobility outcomes for your clients. The workshop also covers the features and benefits of Ossur’s mechanical knee range, including prescription, foot selection and training considerations.

Download the presentation that was shared during the webinar.

August 2017 Webinar: Össur Running Solutions and Training Techniques for all Ability Levels

Presented by Sarah Mulroy, CPO, this webinar covers running solutions for all ability levels. Prescription considerations for running is discussed in conjunction with appropriate training techniques from amputee Physiotherapist, Cathy Howells. TT and TF socket design and interface solutions is also covered. Product highlights include the introduction of the Pro-Flex XC Torsion and Cheetah Knee, updated Cheetah Xplore fitting techniques, and alignment recommendations for Össur running blades.

Download the presentation that was shared during the webinar.

Download the videos that were shared during the webinar.

June 2017 Webinar: Unity Elevated Vacuum Applications for TT, TF and Subischial Socket Design

Presented by Sarah Mulroy, CPO, this webinar covers TT and TF solutions for the Unity Elevated Vacuum system utilising the Össur range of Seal-In liners and the newly incorporated Relax liners. Unity application for subischial socket design (based on the NU-FlexSIV method) will be reviewed in conjunction with recommended interface options. Product highlights include the Unity-compatible Pro-Flex Foot range, RHEO KNEE XC, and PASO Knee (Auto-adaptive pneumatic knee).

Download the presentation that was shared during the webinar.

Download the videos that were shared during the webinar.

April 2017 Webinar: Introducing the Össur Mechanical Knee Range Webinar: Mechanical Knee Considerations for K1-K4 Users

Presented by Prosthetist Sarah Mulroy, this webinar introduces Össur’s newly integrated mechanical knee range. The webinar covers a full range of mechanical knee solutions for K1-K4 users and will review prescription considerations, fitting and adjustment techniques.

Download the presentation that was shared during the webinar.

Download the videos that were shared during the webinar.

December 2016 Webinar: Optimising Running Performance

Presented by Brett Jones, a level 5 athletics coach and has over 20 years professional coaching experience, this webinar focuses on fundamental performance optimisation skills for amputees interested in advancing their running techniques. Skill development relates to optimising power, symmetry, and energy conservation for faster and more competitive performance.

Download the presentation that was shared during the webinar.

Download the videos that were shared during the webinar.

August 2016 Webinar: Optimising Outcomes with RHEO KNEE®

Presented by amputee physio, Cathy Howells, this webinar features training considerations for improving functional outcomes with the use of RHEO KNEE. The RHEO KNEE® 3 and RHEO KNEE® XC will feature in this webinar.

Download the videos that was shared during the webinar.

Download the presentations that was shared during the webinar.

July 2016 Webinar: Optimising Outcomes using Flex-Foot®

Presented by Cathy Howells, this webinar will contain strategies and exercises for clinicians to provide their Flex-Foot clients allowing them to maximise their functional outcomes on their chosen foot.

The Pro-Flex® family, Cheetah® Xplore and Flex-Run will feature in this webinar.

Download the videos that was shared during the webinar.

Download the presentations that was shared during the webinar.

June 2016 Webinar: Introduction to Pro-Flex® & RHEO KNEE® XC

Presented by Scott Elliott, this webinar covers the Pro-Flex family of solutions (Pro-Flex, Pro-Flex XC, Pro-Flex LP) and RHEO KNEE 3 & XC including the following key elements:

  • Client selection
  • Pro-Flex foot mechanics and benefits
  • Clinical evidence for Pro-Flex
  • Unity Elevated Vacuum compatibility
  • Setup, programming and optimisation of the new RHEO KNEE 3 and XC System

April 2016 Webinar: Optimising Outcomes by Looking Above the Leg- Focussing on Lateral Pelvic Shift

Presented by Cathy Howells, this webinar examined the role of the Hip Abductors in conjunction with the Core and focussed on strategies to increase weight bearing on the prosthesis and minimise lateral trunk bending during amputee gait.

February 2016 Webinar: Optimising Outcomes for All Amputees - Össur Mobility Clinics Australia

This webinar outlines the content of the inaugural Mobility Clinic held in Brisbane in September 2015 under the tutelage of Professor Robert Gailey from the US and introduces the next Clinic to be held in Sydney 21-22/4/16. It presents the program for the Clinic and highlights the differences between the Sydney and Brisbane Clinics based on feedback from the inaugural one and utilising further talents of the Össur Australia Coaches.

November 2015 Webinar: Optimising Prosthetic Outcomes

The latest session in the series of webinars presented by Cathy Howell's on improving amputee mobility. In this installment Cathy examined the challenge of hip flexion by looking above the leg. This was a direct follow up to the optimising outcomes for low activity amputees sessions held in July.

August 2015 Webinar: Cheetah Xplore

The Cheetah Xplore is a multifunctional, light weight and high energy return foot solution based on the original Cheetah design. Learn optimal prescription criteria and fundamental alignment techniques for the Cheetah Xplore and other running solutions for adults and children from Össur.


July 2015 Webinar: Optimising Outcomes for Low to Moderately Active Amputees with Cathy Howells

This was the first Össur webinar designed and delivered by renowned physiotherapist Cathy Howells to assist prosthetists in optimising the outcomes of their clients. Cathy outlined simple techniques to promote the client’s performance on their prosthesis, identifying gait indicators of performance based gait deviations and discussed the correct use of walking aids and their effect on gait patterns.


May 2015 Webinar: Introduction of Seal-In® X (TT) and Vari-Flex® XC for Unity ®

This webinar focused on introducing the Seal-In® X interface for transtibial amputees which features a modular sealing membrane.

We also introduced the Vari-Flex® XC which is now compatible with the Unity® Sleeveless Vacuum System (TT and TF applications). Mechanics of the Vari-Flex® XC Unity pump, field service requirements and retrofitting topics were also covered.

January 2015 Webinar: Unity®Elevated Vacuum System for Transfemoral Amputees

A review of the essential components and benefits of the system including the Seal-In® X TF liner, compatible knee and foot systems, and essential Unity accessories required for transfemoral fitting. A detailed review of the fitting process from prescription, measurement, casting, modification and diagnostic fitting will also be included.


March 2014 Webinar: Introduction to the Unity® Sleeveless Vacuum System by Össur

An introduction to the Unity System and Seal-In V interface. An overview of the essential components, prescription recommendation and fitting process is covered in this session.

Presented by Scott Elliott, C.P. (ABC)


May 2014 Webinar: RHEO KNEE 3

A review of the newest functional design upgrades that offer the perfect balance of stability and dynamic performance including advantages of the magnetorheologic actuator platform and dynamic learning software. A step by step review of setup and programming using the Rheologic Workbench is also included in the program.

August 2014 Webinar: Bionic Solutions by Össur

A review of the latest advances in Össur’s Bionic technology, with a focus on the SYMBIONIC LEG® 3, which combines the swing and stance control characteristics of the RHEO KNEE® 3 with the PROPRIO FOOT® to deliver magnified value to the transfemoral user.