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Human Resources Policy

Össur's objective is to have competent, enthusiastic and well-trained personnel, who are capable of holding responsibility, using their initiative and participating fully in the Company's progress within a global environment.

The following points reflect the overall emphasis of Össur's HR policy:

  • Employee awareness of Össur's core values, mission statement and quality policy
  • An encouraging and positive working environment
  • An attractive workplace, where employees are given opportunities for advancement.

Employees must be able to adapt to a changing demand of their job, which may arise as a result of technical and professional developments. They should be open to training and development opportunities in order to be able to handle new and challenging project


  • The Company will recruit competent and ambitious individuals that are capable of working on demanding projects in an ever-changing environment.
  • Recruitment of employees will be based on impartial, professional procedures.
  • Subsequent hiring of employees will follow formal internal procedures.
  • Hiring decisions are based on skills and ability, regardless of gender.


  • New employees will receive basic training as soon as possible to enable them to do their work, and job descriptions will be made available so that employees understand their role properly.
  • The company will provide basic knowledge of the company, its structure and divisions.

Job Development

  • Career opportunities among Össur personnel will be equal, and skills or abilities of individual employees used to the full regardless of gender, age, religion, political beliefs, nationality or race.
  • All employees will have a formal discussion at least once a year with their line-manager, where performance and future objectives are discussed.


  • The company will keep employees informed through Össur´s Intranet, regular meetings and notice boards at each location.

Work / Life Balance

  • The company will foster an environment where employees can balance home and work demands as much as possible. Such flexibility is based on close co-operation and trust between managers and employees. Service to customers, both external and internal, must take priority in deciding flexible arrangements.

Work Attitude and Respect

  • The company strives to maintain good morale amongst employees, all of whom should respect co-workers, show tolerance and demonstrate a positive attitude.

Education Policy

Össur is aware of the importance of continuous education for it´s employees. In order for the company to grow, develop and maintain its competitive position in an ever changing international environment, it is important that employees get the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills.

  • Employees should be well trained and conscious of the trends in their profession so that the company will always be the leader in its businesses. It is the responsibility of all employees to be aware of the latest innovations in the field.
  • Employees should take the initiative in planning their continuous education and participate in reviewing their annual training plan.
  • Educational need of each division is evaluated annually to ensure that the education of employees is not only based on individual, but also on divisional needs.  Management plan all training in the context of the division and the company's vision.
  • Regular seminars should be held for employees in order to ensure general product knowledge.  Emphasis will also be put on the quality of production.
  • Applications for courses and seminars will be evaluated as to whether the education is in the interest of the company or the customers.
  • Össur employees will share the knowledge they gain from continuous education with other employees in a formal or informal manner.