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Durability & Value

All Ӧssur products are developed, trialled and tested by a team of industry experts to ensure optimal fit, comfort and most importantly, durability and quality.

Össur products are guaranteed at the time of purchase to be free of defects in materials and workmanship and are covered by warranty.

Any product found to be defective under normal and correct use will be replaced at no charge with the same item. If an item needs to be replaced under warranty, the replacement item will be shipped as soon as we are notified of the defect and the full retail cost will be invoiced to the customer. Upon receipt of the warranty item, a credit will be given to the customer under the terms that apply.



Iceross interfaces can be returned for a full credit within 30 days. We do ask that the liners not be cut if possible.



Mauch Knee, Total Knee and Balance Knees are covered with a 24 month limited warranty.



Almost all Ӧssur foot models include a 36 month warranty, with the exception of a few. Foot covers carry a 2 month warranty.

Össur uses custom Carbon Layups depending on weight and impact level.