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Low Spinal Kit

Low Spinal Kit


Pre-made and custom-made low spinal and high spinal brace kits.


  • Low Spinal Brace kits. Injuries L2- L5/ S1


  • Aluminium frame with leather and felt covering, and D-ring strap attachments
  • Universal strap kit with adjustable Hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Abdominal pad included with kit

Order Information

(Low Taylor Brace)
LSB (Low)Size*
B11-10 10"
B11-11 11"
B11-12 12"
B11-13 13"
B11-14 14"
B11-15 15"
B11-16 16"

* Size refers to height of brace. To determine required height, measure from the PSIS to the inferior border of the scapula. Thoracic models extend an additional 7" or 8".