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EMO Elbow Management Orthosis

EMO Elbow Management Orthosis


The Elbow Management Orthosis (EMO) has a low profile design that enables a simple, fast fit. The new wrap-around closure and single dorsal upright eliminates medial upright impingement against the body or epicondylar region. Infinite static progressive ROM positioning from 0º to 110º provides flexibility and comfort. Designed for musculoskeletal/elbow joint injury immobilization or used for positional purposes to offset or improve elbow joint ROM due to muscle tightness.


  • Static progressive stretching
  • Musculoskeletal injury immobilisation
  • Post Botox or serial cast management
  • CVA, TBI, SCI, CP, and MS
  • Radial head injury


  • Low profile for appearance
  • Simple fast fit designs
  • NEW wrap-around closure with open cell material
  • Infinite static-progressive ROM positioning from 0º to 110º
  • No medial upright impingement
  • More cost effective when compared to custom options


Order Information

EMO Elbow Management Orthosis
Part#DescriptionLength AdjustmentForearm circ.Bicep circ.
EMO 1250 Elbow Management Orthosis - Universal 26 - 31cm 21.5 - 51cm 21.5 - 51cm