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Unloader® FIT

Unloader® FIT


Unloader FIT is the lightest functional knee OA brace available, weighing only 296g/10oz. Featuring Össur’s clinically proven 3-Point Leverage System, it is designed to provide rapid pain relief to users with unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis.

The low-profile sleeve design makes the brace fit discreetly underneath clothing and easy to pull-on. The tension on the dual Dynamic Force Straps, and thereby the amount of pain relief, is easily adjusted through a single SmartDosing™ dial. The Unloader FIT enables patients to engage in a variety of activities without the limitation of constant knee pain.

Indications for use

  • Mild to moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis
  • Unicompartimental knee conditions that require load reduction to affected compartment, such as degenerative meniscal tears
  • Ideal for normal daily activities and low to moderate intensity sports and hobbies

Features and Benefits

  • 3-Point Leverage System provides clinically relevant pain relief of affected compartment
  • Single SmartDosing dial allows fine-tuned pain management
  • Discreet hinge and sleeve design ensure a snug fit underneath clothing
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Knee Osteoarthritis Exercises

After wearing the Unloader FIT knee brace, Tony felt the benefits instantly

Meet Tony – an active man whose cartilage was damaged after a skiing accident*. His knee developed OA over time, limiting him from taking part in family activities and maintaining in his active lifestyle. After wearing the Unloader FIT knee brace, Tony felt the benefits instantly. He is now able to play a full round of golf and participate in activities with his family, with less pain.


* The individual depicted in the video is a patient. Össur braces are intended for use as directed by a physician or other medical authority. The benefits of using an Össur brace may vary from patient to patient.

My first thoughts on the Unloader FIT were sceptical because of the low profile design nature of the new and ultimately most exciting OA brace to grace the market in all my time as an CPO. After looking at this brace the first time I thought that it was a sales gimmick to lure more active patients into purchasing a OA knee brace that is not as effective as it’s more bulkier opponents in the ever growing area of OA knee bracing. That is until I fitted my first one!!

He was a bigger man, coming in at 136kg’s and being referred to us through Össur’s new innovative referring system - which by the way is great and cut a patient and clinician’s time in half!

I fitted this after only watching an instructional clip online and what a pleasure to fit. It has to be donned over the foot but slides on with ease, the strapping setup is straight forward and the ease of the offloading angle adjustment is great for the patient.

This gentleman got up for his first walk with it on and within 5 meters he had the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen, he said that it was the most relief he has felt since the onset of his pain because of OA. He couldn’t talk highly enough of the initial service from the team at Össur and ultimately the result!!

He has since contacted me via email thanking us again and saying that he is now living his life without pain!

I have fitted another 5 of the Unloader FIT OA braces because of this feedback and have had the same resounding success with them. We have found that the patients fitted with them can get back to running, cycling etc. with ease because of the low profile design of the Unloader FIT and that the 10 degrees of offloading it offered was more than sufficient on all of them.

We are very excited about this product and are looking forward to fit many more into the future!!


Order Information

Unloader FIT

SIZE Circumference 6” (15cm) above mid-patella Circumference 6” (15cm) below mid-patella MEDIAL LEFT MEDIAL RIGHT LATERAL LEFT LATERAL RIGHT
X-Small 30 - 38 cm (12-15") 25 - 30 cm (10-12") B-255610001 B-255510001 B-255620001 B-255520001
Small 38 - 45 cm (15-17.75") 30 - 35 cm (12-13.75") B-255610002 B-255510002 B-255620002 B-255520002
Medium 45 - 56 cm (17.75-22") 35 - 42 cm (13.75-16.5") B-255610003 B-255510003 B-255620003 B-255520003
Large 56 - 66 cm (22-26") 42 - 51 cm (16.5-20") B-255610004 B-255510004 B-255620004 B-255520004
X-Large 66 - 73 cm (26-28.75") 51 - 61 cm (20-24") B-255610005 B-255510005 B-255620005 B-255520005



Replacement Sleeves

 X-Small  B-428800001 B-428710001 B-428500001 B-428600001
Small  B-428800002 B-428710002 B-428500002 B-428600002
Medium  B-428800003 B-428710003 B-428500003 B-428600003
Large  B-428800004 B-428710004  B-428500004 B-428600004
X-Large  B-428800005 B-428710005 B-428500005 B-428600005

Other Accessories

Strap & Strap Pad Kit B-428900002