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Mobility Clinic 2017

Össur Mobility Clinic

The Össur Mobility Clinic is a unique experience for amputees to improve overall mobility and have a great time with other amputees! Amputees of all ages and abilities are welcome to join. Learn basic, intermediate and comprehensive prosthetic running techniques to improve your mobility, and help you be more active. Meet other amputees, Össur Ambassadors and learn from the experts.

Renowned expert in amputee physio and training, Cathy Howells along with a team of coaches will teach amputees how to walk, run and play sport like a champion or simply improve overall mobility. All the exercises at Mobility Clinic have been developed by an experienced Amputee Physiotherapist and Athletics Coach.

  • Techniques to maximise prosthetic capabilities
  • Running mechanics
  • Proper methods for improving speed and balance
  • Improve multi-directional mobility for a variety of recreational activities
  • Training routines and sport-specific exercises

We're excited to announce that Össur's Mobility Clinic is travelling to Gold Coast, QLD in 2019! For more information and to register for the event, please click on the link below.

Register for Össur Mobility Clinic 2019

Mobility Clinic FAQs

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