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Flex-Foot® Balance with D/P Flexion

Flex-Foot® Balance with D/P Flexion


The Flex-Foot Balance is a comfortable multi-axial foot that combines proven durability and stability with comfort; leading to optimum patient compliance.

Flex-Foot Balance is available with the D/P Flexion™ hydraulic ankle module. Flex-Foot Balance with D/P Flexion offers 8 degrees of dorsi and plantarflexion during stance phase. Swing phase dorsiflexion is designed to reduce the risk of trips and falls- one of the main concerns of low active amputees. Plus, independent stiffness adjustment of dorsi- and plantarflexion enables you to customize performance for each amputee user. Please note that D/P Flexion is intended for low active amputees only.

Add our zero-build-height Unity pump module to create the only sleeveless elevated vacuum solution for less active users.

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Impact Levels

Impact LevelExample


Daily activities involving gentle, steady walking with the use of a walking aid.

Example: Moving around at home, modest walking in the community.



Full Length Toe Lever

Multi-Axial Ground Compliance

Sandal Toe

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Flex-Foot Balance with D/P Flexion Specifications

Flex-Foot® Balance with D/P Flexion™ Product Information
Amputation Level:



Impact Level: Low
Maximum Patient Weight: 136kg
Categories: 0-5
Sizes: 21-28
Weight Of Foot: 932g (33oz) w/ Pyramid and Foot Cover
Build Height Standard: 138mm (5 7/16") w/ Pyramid and Foot Cover
Heel Height: 10mm (3/8")
Adapter Options: Male Pyramid
Flex Foot Characteristics:

full length toe lever

multi-axial ground compliance

sandal toe

Foot Sizes For Unity: 23-28
Maximum Vacuum: 23inHg (-600mmHg)
Normal Operating Pressure: -16-20 inHg
Added System Weight: 100 g w/ Pump, Socket Valve and Tube

Flex-Foot® Balance with D/P Flexion™ Features

Full Length Toe Lever

Full Length Toe Lever

The full length keel/toe lever matches the length of the sound foot, providing improved support to the prosthetic limb during late stance. It ensures that users spend equal time on the prosthetic foot and natural limb, thus providing improved walking dynamics and reduced impact to the sound limb.

Benefit: Improved walking symmetry and reduced impact to the sound limb.

Multi-Axial Ground Compliance

Multi-Axial Ground Compliance

Multi-axial compliance of the foot provides improved ground contact during ambulation on unevensurfaces.

Benefit: Maintain balance, stability and comfort when walking on uneven surfaces.

Sandal Toe

Sandal Toe

Sandal toe foot designs incorporate a split between the first and second toe.

Benefit: More anatomical look for increased visual appeal and more functional compatibility with sandal shoes.